Advice & Design

Deforche - Advies & design

Deforche Construct doesn't just build; we also offer reliable advice on the expansion and design of your new investment.


Do you have plans for building the facility? We can also advise you on finding a suitable location, market research, determining the type of greenhouse that suits your ambitions, etc. The entire initial process - where final choices are made - is also supported by our specialists.

In addition to the wishes and requirements of users, there are also architectural, installation and technical possibilities for system integration, etc. Our consultants support you in defining functional and technical programs. If necessary, we are here to help. We are happy to discuss it with you - no obligation -.


Deforche Construct can work perfectly with your architect. However, you can also entrust the entire process from idea to design to our experts. Our design team will shape your ideas, both in terms of the building and the techniques required in a greenhouse, garden centre or research facility.