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We make a distinction between three main types within our range: wide span, cabrio and venlo.

Deforche Construct specializes in the design, production and construction of steel and aluminum structures for agricultural and horticultural companies, garden centers, research centers and industry. Our range includes three main types of greenhouses: widespan, cabrio and venlo.


Wide span

Traditional shape and available in standard dimensions or in any required span width. This type is often used for various crops, garden centres and research facilities.
• 6.40 m to 28.80 m span lengths
• 4-sided rubber seal for every required glazing
• cover in glass, plastic and sandwich panels
• smart structure adjusted to your specific culture and use


Conservatory/greenhouse with a sliding roof that completely opens guaranteeing an optimum climate without the disadvantages that this may entail such as the impact of heavy winds, rain or hail, etc.
• 6.40 m to 20.00 m span lengths
• span sizes ranging from 3.20 m to 4.80 m
• different covering options
• ventilation of 85 to 95% depending on the greenhouse type
• ideal for outdoor cultures or for garden centres
• strong substructure that allows all possible indoor technologies to be implemented


The venlo is a traditional production greenhouse/conservatory to cover using larger areas in an inexpensive manner. Perfect for growing vegetables and plants or as a grow room in garden centres.
• 6.40 m to 20.00 m span lengths
• maximum ventilation capacity
• span widths ranging from 3.20 m to 4.80 m
• high light transmission
• robust structure for versatile use

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Deforche - orchideeënserre - orchid glasshouse - botanical

Orchid greenhouse

Advice & Design, Greenhouses, Botanical greenhouse
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Kessler - Ferme du Faascht - Attert (BE)

Production greenhouse
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Delta Sonic Lancaster - Deforche - Carwash - glasshouse - United States

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Apex Energies - Beauchastel

Photovoltaic greenhouse
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Euro Space Center

Photovoltaic greenhouse