Turnkey Projects

Deforche offers an overall approach where the greenhouse is designed and constructed and we also guarantee the coordination and implementation of your conservatory/greenhouse.

One of our strengths is our overall approach. We do not just focus on the design and construction of the greenhouses, but also guarantee the full coordination and implementation of the interior equipment, cooling, heating, irrigation, electricity, full automation, climate control and so much more. Even integrated solar panels have now been part of our range for a while. We act as the only point of contact for the site manager or architect. The single point of contact (SPOC) principle facilitates a transparent, fast and smooth process.

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With our knowledge centre, extensive expertise and wide selection of references as the background, we discuss the options within the proposed programme with the construction team. Deforche Construct can support you in this with a checklist of your preferences as the guide.


We will use the conclusion of our concept meeting(s) to start to convert the concept into a tailor-made design based on sketches, 2D plans and 3D simulations. We can also develop the proposed design utilising an existing plan from your architect. We will immediately take into account the planned technologies during this process, so that everything fits in seamlessly.


At Deforche Construct, your basic design will be translated in the shortest period possible into a product-ready file by a driven team of engineers and draughts people.
We work in groups with senior and junior designers to ensure that our experience of more than 80 years can also benefit your project.
Our many years of experience is not just limited to what is simply greenhouse related such as their construction, automation, irrigation, shading, culture tables and HVAC. It also includes strength calculations, general structural issues and even cultural technical subjects.

Sophisticated training programmes ensure that our know-how is kept up-to-date and is even further developed.

In short, our engineering team guarantees a well-founded and reliable elaboration of your future-proof project.


Deforche Construct has modern machinery. Our experienced qualified staff proves its precise and specialised professional knowledge with regard to this machinery.

The production department has separated steel and aluminium areas with significant production flexibility. This means that we can flexibly cater for the requirements and preferences of clients and guarantee the continuity of our sites.

The production of steel components is manufactured in accordance with the EN 1090 CE standard. We also hold the certificate for execution class 2.


Our systems are installed with a high level of care and attention to detail by experienced employees. The construction starts with extremely accurate foundations. Your project will, without a doubt, be supported by a solid and reliable base.

We have refined our steel structures down the years to create robust but also light frames.
The external shell is installed on this using aluminium, glass, solar panels, etc.

This external shell may have the typical features of a greenhouse or it can be tailored to the look that you want. The functionality, form, design and identity are inextricably linked to our capabilities when it comes to future technology and ecology issues.


All technologies are provided tailor-made within the structure. Sun, shadow, moisture, temperature, light incidence and ventilation are top priorities when you want to focus completely on the health of your plants.

Our installation teams are composed of professionals with specific areas of expertise that maintain the highest standards and have already earned their spurs in the highly demanding international greenhouse market.


Deforche Construct can also implement works in the surrounding area: build car parks, required external work, underground pipes and cables, landscaping and much more.


Our projects are finished to perfection with an eye for detail in accordance with the clients requirements. Deforche Construct is only satisfied if you are satisfied.


We have a service team for both the construction and the applied technologies in your project.

You can get technical support on the phone in relation to problems or questions about your system through the helpdesk.

A service team that is available 24/7 is ready for your repairs on site.