Family run and flexible. In 80 years, it has become a key international player in the development, production and construction of glass, steel and aluminium structures.

history deforche
history deforche
history deforche
history deforche


The success story of the family-run company Deforche Construct NV starts in 1932. At that time, the company specialised in the construction of traditional timber greenhouses. The next generation constructed an aluminium roof on a steel substructure, first company in the world to do so in 1958.  Deforche became a pioneer in the construction of greenhouses using steel and aluminium systems. This resulted in the creation of new markets across many industry sectors in Belgium and abroad. Deforche Construct steadily grew to become a respected international expert in greenhouse structures made in glass, steel and aluminium. 

One of the major reasons why Deforche Construct expanded continuously is from the beginning, the requirements and expectations of the client is our priority. This focus was and is still being endorsed by an innovating spirit, excellent craftsmanship, flexibility, creativity and an obvious desire to achieve quality.

This resulted in the ability for Deforche Construct to evolve and become an inspirational, international expert in conservatories/greenhouses in glass, steel and aluminium.  Now, we are highly recognised for our complete turnkey projects integrating all the required equipment, services and technologies. Our knowledge centre has broad expertise and takes the lead in innovative technologies and developments.


Deforche Construct wants to be the reference and preferred construction and engineering partner for all projects that require a driven coordination in glass, steel, aluminium and technology from design to implementation. We focus on industrial and architecturally designed glass roof solutions, agriculture and horticulture companies, garden centres and research facilities all over the globe.


Sustainability. Creativity. Innovation.

We are fully aware of our social responsibilities. We want to fulfil this role in a committed manner while paying attention to our employees, our surrounding area and the environment. We focus on sustainability in the widest sense of the word in a creative and innovative way.

Passion and performance.

We are passionate about our mission and want to offer our clients real added value by supporting them optimally during every phase of their project. By standing out due to our services  and boost the performance of our organisation at every level.

Openness and internationalisation.

We are an open organisation with transparent communication, clear objectives and space for personal development. This openness is also translated across borders. We look through the window into the world with an open gaze and believe in the power of international cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect.



We will work out a suitable and personalised solution with functionality and productivity as the guiding principles in dialogue with the client, their architect and our own engineering department. The best quality for a competitive price has become our trademark. We therefore  continually invest in qualified employees and a strong production infrastructure.

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Международные аспекты

Our turnkey projects are implemented globally with our own in-house team. We do not believe that being flexible and family run are synonyms of small scale. During more than 80 year existence, we have steadily grown to become a key international player with more than 85 highly qualified employees, our own production facility, installation teams and engineering department … and, last but not least, an ever larger group of satisfied clients.