Advice & design

Deforche - Консультирование и проектирование

Deforche Construct can also offer advice about the development of your garden centre and its design.


Thanks to our many years of experience with projects that have a different nature and scope, our people have a valuable treasure trove of competences and know-how. They do not just use them for rolling out and implementing all kinds of systems. The entire preliminary process in which the final choices are determined is borne by their professional technical expertise. 

The purchase, replacement or expansion of the systems demands carefully made choices where a wide selection of factors are borne in mind. You not only have to contend with the requirements and preferences of users, but also with all kinds of structural and installation related facilities, the options and impossibilities to integrate the systems, etc. 

Our competent consultants will happily support you when determining functional and technical programmes, supervising requirements, etc. If required, they can take full charge of these projects to ensure that you do not have to worry. We would be happy to exchange ideas with you about this without obligation. 


In addition to advice about the development of a garden centre, we can also offer advice about the design. We will take into account very many elements within this context, such as the location, orientation, feeling, dimensions, lighting, irrigation systems, etc. We can create the best possible design for your garden centre.